Our founders are honoured by our Awards programme, which benefits Producers, Directors, Choreographers, Writers, Actors and Dancers and is funded mainly by your donations.

The Association make Awards in three categories:


Ninette de Valois Trust Fund Award

This award which is funded by the Ninette de Valois Trust Fund Charity is made to Classical Ballet Choreographers who show outstanding promise but are not yet quite ready for their works to be performed by the major classical ballet companies. The award of £1,000 is to be used to widen the theatrical understanding of the young choreographer. It may be used to see theatrical productions, attend concerts or visit art exhibitions. To date only one award has been made - to Liam Scarlett - , who is now in the Royal Ballet and having had further experience will choreograph a work for the company to be premiered on the main stage at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in 2010.

Lilian Baylis Theatrical Excellent Award

These Awards which are funded by the Lilian Baylis Trust Fund Charity are made to young theatre professionals who have demonstrated a talent which will lead them to a fulfilling theatrical career. The Award of up to £1,000 is again made to assist them to gain a wider knowledge of the theatre.

The first award, made in 2008, was a special award in recognition of the classical choreographic contribution of Christopher Wheeldon and especially for ‘Fools Paradise’, a work commissioned by Sadler’s Wells and shown in the Morphoses seasons at Sadler’s Wells in 2007 and 2008.

Subsequently 5 awards were made to the following young artists who demonstrated their talents in the 2009 Old Vic New Voices 24 hour play cycle:

Ella Hickson, Writer
Natalie Ibu, Director
James Baldwin, Actor
Rebecca Whitehead, Actor
Morwenna Johnson, Producer

H H Davies Fund

Grants of up to £1,000 are made from time to time to assist theatrical productions involving young people take place.


Trust Funds & Donations

Our Trust Funds and Donations pages give more information about funding the Awards.